10 Best Types of Websites to Create in WordPress

Oct 14, 2021
10 Best Types of Websites to Create in WordPress

As a beginner, you may ask what type of WordPress websites are popular now. The short answer is almost any type of website imaginable. WordPress is an excellent platform with its powerful, easy-to-use, and flexible features. You can build any kind of website as you plan.

But before starting a website, you have to understand that creating and maintaining a website takes time and effort. Therefore, you have to be prepared in advance with your plans and strategies.

This article will introduce the 10 best types of websites that you can create with WordPress. But if you don't know how to create a website, please check our article to proceed further. That being said, let's jump on some popular types of websites you can make with WordPress.


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1. Blog or personal website

Since its first day, WordPress has been operated as a primary blogging platform and evolved into a robust content management system. For 18 years, it was people's main choice to build a website easily and quickly. In this period, WordPress added more polished, sophisticated, powerful blogging and personal website components.

WordPress is being considered the best blogging platform in the world. WordPress should be your number one choice if you plan to create a small or large blogging website because it offers a single or multi-author blog experience that allows you to create a content-rich website and turn it into business in the future.

You can find tons of blogging themes, plugins, and tools in the WordPress market and third-party theme creator platforms.

2. Business website

Today many business owners and big-name brands use WordPress to power their websites. Because WordPress offers a variety of options to customize and build a professional-looking website.

The first reason is that there are plenty of optimized themes for your business branding. Secondly, you can easily add social media integrations, optimize your site for search engines, and analyze your user behavior from the admin dashboard. Thirdly, you can track the marketing data and add any other feature that you need to empower your WordPress experience.

You can do all of them without hiring a web developer and designer. You only need to find out the necessary plugins, themes, and strategies convenient for your business.

3. eCommerce/Online Store website

As of 2021, eCommerce websites are dominating the Internet. Especially, WordPress with WooCommerce became the world's most popular Online Store/WooCommerce platform.

Every year new eCommerce websites are launched on WordPress, and online retailers are grown day by day. According to the statistics, there are over 2.3 million eCommerce websites around the world. Most of these businesses are built on WooCommerce due to its friendly interface and features that give incredible power and flexibility.

WooCommerce offers helpful features and allows you to track your orders, engage with customers, see delivery updates, manage your inventory, and many more elements.

Quick fact: WooCommerce powers 99% of all WordPress store websites with over 27 million downloads and a high reputation. In addition, WooCommerce integration allows you to work on your SEO together with eCommerce ability.

Apart from WooCommerce, you can find other plugins that can power your website and help you sell digital goods and subscriptions. Therefore, if you plan to start an eCommerce business, WordPress will be the best option for you with its other fabulous features.

4. Online course website

Many people don't sell only physical goods or services but also sell their knowledge. There are some options to create a course and sell, but WordPress will be a promising option for you if you wish to build your branding.

WordPress offers both themes and plugins to build a course website. Our recommendation is the MemberPress Courses plugin. This plugin allows you to create outstanding membership and course websites.

Your audience can make a payment securely and buy your courses quickly. You can track your progress, orders, content, and digital purchases through its dashboard with in-depth statistics.

5. Podcast website

Today many popular podcasters use WordPress to host their podcasts and deliver to their audience. There are several unique podcasting themes and plugins for WordPress websites.

These themes and plugins make the whole process easier. As a result, you will not make a great effort to build custom sections for your website and upload your podcasts.

You can integrate any podcast hosting service to serve files from your website seamlessly. Moreover, the offered themes and plugins also help you to build the SEO of your podcasting website.

6. Affiliate website

If we say that some websites generate over 200.000 dollars per/month without doing anything, what would you say?

Most probably, you would say no way or not possible. But today, affiliate marketing has particular weight among digital businesses.

In brief, you create affiliate links from several products or services and try to sell them to your audience. If someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, then you get some commission from it. Often this commission is not an immense amount, but if your audience buys products with higher prices, you get more commission accordingly.

As of today, WordPress is used by millions of marketers to create affiliate websites. To get a sense of what affiliate marketing landing pages might look like, you can take some time to browse through the various pages available in this area. Because it offers many affiliate marketing tools and plugins to boost earnings, SEO integration allows you to reach more people and sell your affiliate links. If you believe that you can sell affiliate links and earn significant income, WordPress will ease your progress throughout your journey.

7. Portfolio Website

When you apply for the job, you send your CV to see if the HR manager is interested and contact you after reviewing it. But sometimes, you can't include everything in the CV, and you may want HR to see more about you. In this case, building a personal or portfolio website can boost your chances against other competitors.

There are a lot of portfolio themes with stunning image tools, galleries, and perfectly aligned slideshows on the WordPress platform. In addition, you can install several plugins to empower your portfolio by adding more visualization and customization.

You can use your portfolio website to feature your writing skills, music creation, video production, photo shots, and many more. Portfolio websites may serve as an online CV, and you can include anything that is not mentioned in the CV.

WordPress can be utilized to provide your portfolio site with a very professional and elegant user experience, making it easy for people to browse and learn about your work.

8. Online forum website

Since the majority of websites do not have a community section, some of them offer a forum feature. Online forums are a popular way to build a community and leverage user-generated content to create more search engine traffic. It means that you have multiple authors posting on your website, but these people will be the owner of the contents.

There are different themes to build WordPress forums; however, WordPress plugins also can convert your website into a discussion platform.

We recommend you use the bbPress plugin to create a unique forum website. It helps you convert your website into an accessible managed forum by featuring blogging, online store, or business site options.

9. Coupon website

Many people like to earn coupons when they purchase products or services. Many of them research coupon sites before buying a product. Thus, the coupon website traffic is high, and the number of visitors is constantly growing day by day. In addition to coupons on your site, this can also help you sell the product you want.

You can earn affiliate commissions from thousands of websites by offering special discounts on your WordPress website. Simply, you can create a coupon website with the right plugins and themes. Then you can easily add coupons to your website and regulate them as you wish.

You can also control the expiration dates of these coupons, validity terms, availability numbers, and many more. In addition, you may create a review system for your audience to track what kind of coupons they like to use.

10. Membership website

Let's say you have a bigger audience over social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You have been operating on these platforms for many years, and your influence rate has increased. You are already planning to create premium content that you want to direct to only registered or subscribed members.

WordPress offers membership websites to sell subscriptions. This allows you to put some extra content, sell pay-per-view content or run an online community. Either way, you increase your chance to make money from your content.

In this case, WordPress has a useful plugin called MemberPress. This plugin comes with powerful features such as access control, subscription management, user/member management, and many more. In addition, this plugin allows you to integrate third-party utility tools and payment gateways.


This article has elaborated on the type of websites that you can create nowadays and benefit from it. But do not limit yourself with these suggestions. You can always have better ideas and imagination to create a website.

If you have a statement that you believe in, don't hesitate to create a website. It is an experience where you will learn many new things every day, and your outlook will expand day by day.

Do not forget to integrate Google tools into your website also. If you want to learn more, check our article about the most important Google tools.

If you want to see more stories like this, stay tuned!

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