Booknetic SaaS

By purchasing a widely configured SaaS version, you can start your own online business and make a lot of money
Booknetic Saas Preview

Product overview

Set up robust booking forms and a payment portal quickly and efficiently to increase occupancy and improve customer experience.
A WordPress scheduling plugin can ultimately simplify interactions with prospective clients and improve workflow by providing real-time feedback on planned appointments to both customers and employees.

Booknetic is a multi-purpose scheduling plugin that can be used for restaurants, spas, beauty salons, maintenance agencies, dance and fitness courses, dentists, lawyers, photographers, private contractors, and more.

Why Booknetic SaaS?

Build your own business
Booknetic SaaS offers you a complete SaaS solution, in which you can create your online service, and you can install this service as you wish and turn it into an online business while taking advantage of its rich capabilities.
Make money
Through Booknetic SaaS, you can provide people with Appointment Booking. By creating monthly and annual packages according to your wishes in the system, you can arrange for your customers to subscribe to your service and earn big money.
Optimally designed database structure and security
The databases in Booknetic SaaS are designed according to the most modern methods. Thanks to this optimal database, you will not have to worry about customer growth. Also, your customers will be offered a dedicated Booknetic dashboard that is not relevant to the WordPress dashboard, which will make your customers feel more confident.
Ability to pay online
Through Paypal and Stripe, the world's most popular payment instruments, your customers will be able to subscribe to your system online monthly/annually.

Key Features

The SAAS edition comes with several features. Here are a few examples:
For more details, you can visit the website. View full on web
  • On the admin panel, make arrangements.
  • Permission/Limits are fully flexible for each proposal.
  • Monthly/yearly subscription
  • Beginner deals for the first month/year
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Stripe is a payment gateway.
  • Customers' email updates
  • Enrolled tenants have direct access to the dashboard.
  • The Registration Form for Tenants
  • Login if you're a Tenant.
  • There is a Billing Tab for each Tenant.
  • Each tenant has their URL QR Code feature and all of Booknetic's current and future features.
For more details, you can visit the website. View full on web